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Verander je humeur en gedrag met kleurenpsychologie in je interieur

Change your mood and behavior with color psychology in your interior

The colors we have around us have a major influence on our mood and behavior. In this blog we discuss color psychology in the interior and how you can apply it to improve your mood and behavior.

  1. Blue: Blue is a calming color that brings calm and increases focus. It is a good choice for bedrooms or workplaces.

  2. Green: Green is a color that connects us with nature and gives us a feeling of peace and balance. It is a good choice for living rooms and dining rooms.

  3. Yellow: Yellow is a cheerful and uplifting color that gives energy and life. It is a good choice for the kitchen or children's room.

  4. Red: Red is an energetic and uplifting color that radiates warmth and passion. It is a good choice for the dining room or living room.

  5. Orange: Orange is a color that radiates confidence and enthusiasm. It is a good choice for the hall or living room.

With this color psychology you can improve your mood and behavior by using the right colors in your interior. At WoonStore you will always find a wide range of products in different colors, with which you can easily create a different atmosphere in your home. Feel free to take a look at our store or webshop for more inspiration and products!

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